Quick Protective Style

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These are two quick protective styles which i did on my sister’s hair which she wore to work. Sometimes you just want to tuck your hair away you know 😉 It’s a simple and fast flat twists updo and the second style flat twists in the front with chunky twists at the back. You can change up the way you arrange the twists at the back. She simply loosed the ending of the twists out or braided it to form a bun. Flat twists are also a lot more gentle on your hair than cornrows.

To start of this style i did her normal wash routine, which was pre-poo, shampoo, deep condition, condition and detangle, then did the LCO method. The twists were moisturized and kept neat for the entire week. All she had to do was moisturize the ends.



1.When doing a protective style make sure your products are moisturizing because remember you won’t be able to moisturize as you should when your hair and is tucked away.

2. For itchy scalp try using a bit of peppermint oil diluted with coconut oil if the oil itself is too strong for you

3. Do not pull too tight, you can cause breakage. As the days go by your hair will start to loosen up but loose hair is better than broken hair and edges.

4. When doing flat twists always detangle thoroughly preferably with a comb because the hair tangles up on itself quite easily.

5. Take out after 2 weeks. I didnt leave her own in that long but you can once you moisturized your hair well and had a moisturizing routine. The time would depend on your hair. Some people hair can stay moisturized for a long time in protective style whist others own jus get dry quickly.  If you are getting negative reactions like soreness or pain, too much itching or you are seeing breakage take the style out and try a different one.

The no 1 thing that causes breakage in a protective style is installing and the unavailability to moisturize your hair. This is why it’s important also to do a style where you can have access to your ends. Everyone’s hair is different so you will have to experiment with it a bit.

Thought we would share this with you guys. If you plan on giving this style a try let us know down below in the comment section. We would love to hear your thoughts on it.



IMG_20170805_175040 (2)  IMG_20170805_175101 (2)





As always, happy healthy hair journey,



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