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I was natural until I got a relaxer when I left high school. My reason was simply because I had thick hair that I could not comb. As I grew older I could not rely on my family to take care of my hair. It was my hope that getting a relaxer would allow me to be able to maintain my hair for myself, be independent, and it allowed me to do such.

I was relaxed for 5 years and had healthy relaxed hair. However, I realized that I didn’t know how to take care of relaxed hair effectively.

I eventually got so busy with school that I wasn’t taking care of my relaxed hair as I should (moisturizing, not wrapping at night, etc.) Due to my busy schedule I was not relaxing my hair often resulting in the density of my hair going from thick to thin.

I decided to stop relaxing my hair because school life was so time consuming that I just got tired of going to the salon and waiting for hours to have my hair done.

I transitioned and slowly cut off my relaxed ends. My hair consists of various textures ranging from 3c to 4c, but my predominant texture is 4b. I have very high density hair and my strands are mainly thick with a few fine strands in between. It is mainly low porosity, with a few sections that are medium to high porosity.

Naturalkinkstrinis2 has always been natural and her hair textures ranges from 3c to 4b with her predominant texture being 3c. Her hair is medium in porosity with fine to medium hair strands.

This blog was created to open a window of communication to individuals living in the same country and climate conditions as ourselves. Our main focus is on the type 4 hair and hopefully the information provided can assist naturals to achieve healthy hair and obtain their hair goals.

Feel free to ask questions and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Have a healthy and enjoyable hair journey!


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