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Moisturization is the act of existing in a moist state or recovering moisture. Water is the only natural compound capable of moisturizing hair efficiently because its molecules are adequately small to penetrate hair strands.

There are various techniques of moisturization for natural hair. You will have to experiment and find a suitable method your hair likes to retain and effectively keep it moisturized.

Here are some tips that you should note based on my personal experience about moisture:-

1. Different genetic make–up

Everyone’s hair will respond to moisture differently. Experiment and determine what’s best for your hair type.

2.     Products

All products will not moisturize your hair effectively. They can add or draw moisture from your hair. Also pay attention to the ingredients in products that you purchase. Water can be used as a moisturizer but remember depending on your hair type and climate it may not be sufficient.

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3.      Climate

My sister (Naturalkinks2on1) and I (Naturalkinks1on1) live in a climate where half of the year is very hot. Weather conditions can deplete the moisture level in your hair. The more your hair is exposed to elements such as wind and heat the more frequently you may need to moisturize.

4.    Remember to moisturize effectively and seal your hair with a sealant.

5.     Keeping your hair in a protective style prevents moisture loss only for a period of time.

6.     Cleansing

Cleansing creates a clean base for your hair to absorb moisture, removing old product and build up from dust etc. Moisturizing uncleansed hair does not provide moisture to dirty strands.

I personally cleanse my hair every week. Naturalkinks2on1 also cleanses her hair once per week but sometimes twice per week due to her hair needs. We build our hair regimens based on our different hair types. Likewise, you will have to find a balance on how often to cleanse your hair.

7.     Depending on your hair needs you may need to re-moisturize between washes.

8.     The moisture provided from deep conditioning will only last for a period of time for some hair types, especially if between your wash days are long.

9.       Know your hair’s porosity

This will help you determine how porous your hair is relative to water and using it as a guide can help you to find products to moisturize your hair effectively.

10.       Consistency

Stick to a regimen if it works for your hair. Over time you will begin to see a difference in the way your hair reacts to the routine.



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